Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 43

////////////////////////// SYSADMINS CAN BE SOME OF THE MOST UNDER- APPRECIATED EMPLOYEES IN ANY ORGANISATION. “Using automation solutions can help reduce the time, cost and risk of deploying changes to data infrastructure, by getting rid of the near-herculean manual tasks. This will free up SysAdmins to ensure the data infrastructure is delivering results, rather than being trapped in the manual nitty-gritty of deployment tasks.” Gary Watson, CTO and Founder, Nexsan, contributed: "In the same way electricity powers a grid without being seen, SysAdmins underpin the smooth running of an organisation's IT environment – they're the 'invisible' but crucial backbone of IT. “It’s no easy job managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure of an organisation. When everything is running without a hitch you usually won’t hear from them. However, when the pressure turns up and users encounter IT challenges, SysAdmins are the first point of contact and are ready to help. With IT challenges taken care of, SysAdmins enable employees to focus on their own role without needing to worry should any technological glitches occur. So, although flying under the radar is all part of being a SysAdmin, it’s still important to acknowledge the work they do and show appreciation for all the SysAdmins out there; they are the reason why IT keeps on ticking." Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn, Technology Evangelist, Zerto, said: "The SysAdmin is directly responsible for the uptime, performance and security of the systems they manage that the business depends on. It’s no mean feat, but the best thing a SysAdmin can do for your business is keep you online – and prevent outages. In some ways, they are the INTELLIGENTCIO 43