Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 41

A PUBLICATION Providing Unparalleled Technology Intelligence ISSUE 09 // Global Cooling Partner Intelligent Education Partner Intelligent Cabling Partner CYBERSECURITY POWERHOUSE Israel is fast becoming a global leader in cybersecurity education FUTURE-PROOFING HOSPITALITY Enhancing security solutions for one of the most targeted industries EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES Utilising technology in the classroom - the key to a digital future CLOUD COMPATABILITY Calligo has implemented a cloud solution to improve its storage capacity and help it comply with the rules of the GDPR. The solution allows for smooth interoperability and integration with its other cloud services. IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS | LATEST INTELLIGENCE | REGIONAL IMPLEMENTATIONS EDITOR’S NOTE W elcome to September’s edition of Intelligent CIO Europe. This month, our cover story comes from Calligo, a global cloud service provider, as we learn how it utilised Cloudian’s HyperStore solution to better improve its operational ability. Cloud technology is extremely on-trend and has organisations relying on it religiously. It is therefore imperative that companies deploy a cloud solution they know they can count on to protect and store their data. Julian Box, Chief Executive Officer at Calligo, tells us that the solution proved extremely beneficial by allowing smooth interoperability and integration with other cloud services. It also assisted Calligo in securing its data under the new rules of the GDPR. Our second case study this month focuses on V-TAB, a Nordic printing company that wanted to improve its IT robustness and overall operational efficiency. We hear from Fredrik Bogårdh, IT Manager at V-TAB, who tells us why the company decided to implement Scale Computing’s hyperconverged solution to help manage its data. Expert data handling is crucial for performance accuracy and security, and companies face the challenge of installing the correct management solution that works for them. This month’s ‘Tech Talk’ feature explores the potential security implications web browsing data can cause and how a web data bloat can be reduced. Francesco Giarletta, CEO of Avanite, tells us about this in more detail. For our ‘Industry Watch’ this issue, we consider the complex challenges the hospitality industry are facing when attempting to secure against hackers, an issue proving more and more frequent as technology innovates. We see how the approaches of hackers are evolving by attacking software and hotel key cards, for example. Israel is fast becoming a leader in cybersecurity and as this month’s ‘Country Focus’, we explore just how it is turning into a ‘breeding ground’ for producing skilled professionals in this field. We hear from several experts who tell us how the country is equipping civilians with an innovative education offering and enhanced knowledge to prepare against future cyberattacks. This month, we ‘Get To Know’ Lindsay Notwell, Senior Vice President of 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Operations at Cradlepoint, who lets us in on his exciting ride in tech and how he finds ways to relax and unwind outside of the office. Education is another important topic elsewhere in the magazine and is the subject of discussi f"F2F( 0( VFF.( 2VW7F( vR6vWFW"FPVGV6F6V7F"2WFƗ6rFV6wFG2gVFVFBvR&V6VfR&W76W0g&ӢFWrVGv&G2F&V7F"b&GV7@&WFrW&fS&7G&766Vb&GV7Bff6W"&VTV3BWFPVBb6VTB&VBVV66G&'WF"&fFW2FffW&V@W'7V7FfRBN( 2FW&W7FrvV6&rFVऒRRVF2VFFBbR&PFW&W7FVB6G&'WFrgWGW&R6FV@FVV6RF( BW6FFRFvWBFV6CƗǖ6VF6VऔDTĔtTD4C