Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 23

LATEST INTELLIGENCE SMART BUILDING CONNECTIVITY POWERING THE PRESENT – EMPOWERING THE FUTURE T echnology has proven to be a transformative and liberating force in shaping the modern workspace – opening the door for more efficient, adaptive and productive practices like remote working, hot-desking and hotelling, which do not tie individual contributors to specific locations or floorspace requirements but do increase the need for universal connectivity – particularly wireless connectivity. Technology has likewise transformed the retail side of the enterprise, as guests may check in or receive relevant vouchers or promotions with a mobile device at a hotel, cinema, salon or other destination – allowing the retailer to offer a more customised, more ubiquitous relationship in the course of doing business. In non-retail public places like hospitals, airports, stadiums and the like, total connectivity freedom enhances the visitor’s experience and increases the utility of time spent there. In all circumstances, however, customers, visitors and users of all kinds have an expectation of connectivity while on the premises. In all enterprise settings, increased connectivity also offers building owners or managers an opportunity to realise greater efficiency and revenue. Agile workplaces improve employee productivity –