Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 22

LATEST INTELLIGENCE IN-BUILDING WIRELESS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PRESENTED BY Download whitepaper here I mplementing a successful in-building wireless solution involves more than choosing the right distributed antenna system. You need the project management experience and engineering expertise to complete it on time and within budget. For a facility like a stadium, airport or skyscraper, the challenge is exponentially more complex. So many moving pieces: contractors, engineers, technicians, and installers; dozens of process steps and hundreds of individual tasks; and the diverse expectations of the project’s stakeholders. Overlook one detail, take one step out of sequence and – like a trapeze artist without a net – there’s a lot that can go wrong. 22 INTELLIGENTCIO With CommScope’s in-building wireless professional services, your DAS implementation – regardless of size or complexity – is in the most capable and experienced hands. You already know CommScope as a trusted provider of DAS hardware for many of the world’s most challenging venues, but we also handle the engineering and project management services that keep large in-building wireless projects on schedule and within budget. CommScope-managed deployments include: NFL Super Bowl stadiums; international airports; university campuses; and major high-rises. n