Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 101

GET TO KNOW... On the lighter side of things, we ask the industry experts what makes them tick. . . . Lindsay Notwell, Senior Vice President of 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Operations at Cradlepoint What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? To date, I’d have to say that leading the highly successful launch of 4G LTE at Verizon would be it. This was the world’s first large-scale implementation of LTE with a number of unique ‘firsts’, like putting CDMA credentials on the SIM, Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6, and a number of other technologies that made it feel like we were ‘building an “ I DON’T EXPECT ANYONE TO WORK HARDER THAN I DO AND BELIEVE THAT MY MOST IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY IS TO HELP MY EMPLOYEES ACCOMPLISH THEIR GOALS. aeroplane in the sky with our head out the window’. Fortunately, it all came together and as they say, the rest is history. What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position? What first made you think of a career in technology? Hire the right people, empower them, turn them loose, then support them. To me, the job of a leader is to set a vision, work with your team to develop WIGs (wildly important goals), then meet with them regularly to help them succeed. Also, I’m a Growing up, I was always tinkering with batteries, wires, electrical switches and so on. But going to college, I felt I wanted to help people, so I got a degree in Psychology and Sociology, thinking I would go into social work. The U.S. economy at the time was so bad, there weren’t any jobs in my field. So, I went into sales to pay the bills. One day, a young entrepreneur walked into the tile store where I worked and told me he was open r6WFW$BFvFR7G&VWBFBvBw&FR6RFV2&WBrR6V@V7F'B2'W6W72BRffW&VBR"6VƖr6WFW'2gFW"RV'2b&FrFBvfRv@G&GV6VBFv&VW72FFFR( ~( F2bwVR6VV"FF6VV@fW"FFBGW7G'B7VBrV'0vFfW&BG2f&W'VW"6W2FVgFW"V6rDrvFFVVg@F7F'Bגv67VFr'W6W72Bv@6V7FVBvF7&FWB7B6WfV৖V'2vrऒG'VǒfR&VV&W76VBFfR7V6W6Fr&FRFV6( 2vBw&VBGW7G'DTĔtTD4