Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 93

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// sensitive information can be encrypted and protected, which will reduce the security threats associated with using unprotected public and private Wi-Fi spots while on the go. Last year, McAfee announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 will come pre- installed with secure Wi-Fi in the US The offering is now being extended across Europe. Current Galaxy Note8 users can update their software through the operating system update to take advantage of new features. Samsung provides 250MB of monthly data volume at no cost, with the option for users to purchase unlimited bandwidth. “People are using connected devices in more places than ever and it’s never been more important to help safeguard their online lives,” said John Giamatteo, Executive Vice President, Consumer Business Group, McAfee. “In a time of increased vulnerabilities and threats, we’re proud to strengthen our partnership with Samsung, to offer customers utmost peace of mind and confidence whenever and wherever they connect.” Telefónica will embed McAfee Secure Home Platform in the broadband routers for powerful, seamless and hassle-free security for all devices connected to the network, including the soon to be omnipresent IoT devices (such as home automation systems, gaming platforms, wearables, Smart TVs and home appliances). To provide a unified security experience, the McAfee endpoint solution will continue protecting Telefónica customers whenever they are on the go. Digital consumers are now able to connect pretty much anywhere and it is vital that they are able to do so securely. McAfee has also partnered with Telefónica and they have announced an agreement to reinforce the online security for Telefónica’s broadband and mobile customers across its markets in Europe. The solution will be progressively deployed starting June 2018. The addition of McAfee to the security solution developed by Telefónica, together with other third parties, will complete the vi [ۈوH8&X\]HHY][8&H]YBHٙ\[X\]H[]X\YZ[X]ZH\\\X[\K\[[H[Y\[[X]˂\\\\X\H\[YHB[X[][X][ۜ\[H[[]\X\]HX[ۈ܈[]\Y\œY\\و\H^HۛXKX\^H\]HH8&X\]HBY][8&H]YH[]X]YH[YۚXHžYX\Y\HH\[H[\š[[\HHX[ۈ[]XHوB\Y\[]\^H\HۛXYH[\] 8'][YۚXHH\H\H[Z]Yš[ܙX\H][وX[ۈ[]XHق\\Y\HH\H\[^HۛX\]ܚ[\X\˂\YܙY[Y[[[\][\[H܈\\Y\[H][[H\[[۝^X[[ܛX][ۂX]]\Z\X\]H]\܈[Z\]X\[[Z[HY[X\8'HZYY”X0\^ؘ[X\]Hو[YۚXB[Sو[][][YۚXBX\X\]H[] YX0\^ؘ[X\]Hو[YۚXH[Sو[][][YۚXHX\X\]H[]X\“XYYHX\]H܈XH˜Y\KZ[[Yۈ[\[X\š[ MH[Y\ܛYK[HT˜[]ܙXH][\YX\XYYBX\]H܈[H\][ۂ[\[X\Y[YH[[[ݙBX[\K[X‘[\YX\&\[[[Y[ XYYH]TYKXٙ\ܛY]XBX\]K\Y[^[Y[ N[\[[Xˈ[[\[”\\[[HH Y^HYHX[[Y\HX[\[ [XZ]HBXX[ٙ\˚[[Y[[˘BSTHUX[X][^X]]HXH\Y[ ۜ[Y\\[\ܛ\ XYYK'H]H[H[YH\Bۜ[Y\[X[X\]Z]\ۛX]]K]\^x&\H[Z\Y\܈][X] ]\[XY[YۛX]]HY\[ܙX\Y\8'HZYX[X][^X]]HXH\Y[ ۜ[Y\\[\ܛ\]XYYK8'[YۚXH\\›\\[ۈوX[˜ۜ[Y\BX\]X\]\^BHۛXK[YۚXH\][B\܈[X[][X][ۂ\[Y\[[]\XXHوZ[܈]˜\Y\X[[B[H\X^H]\BH[ܚ]K'HSSQSSŽL