Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 87

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Software for Business Econocom excels with its ‘as a service’ offering ///////////////////////////// M ixed reality, which allows users to interact with virtual objects in the real world, offers possibilities for new uses to support companies’ digital transformation. To support them, Econocom, a distributor of Microsoft’s HoloLens self-contained holographic computer, is launching a ‘Mixed-Reality-as-a-Service’ offering. The only one of its kind on the European market, this turnkey offering combines the state-of-the-art HoloLens technology, related services, dedicated apps and financing. Microsoft HoloLens in healthcare After announcing its partnership with Microsoft to distribute HoloLens in Europe, Econocom now offers a fee-based model, which matches its clients’ economic expectations and offers them the flexibility they need to implement their digital transformation projects successfully. With ‘Mixed-Reality-as-a-Service’, Econocom offers, for an all-inclusive subscription, hardware, dedicated apps and services designed especially for this cutting-edge technology. Companies are thus prepared for any unexpected incidents, thanks to the next-day swap warranty for example and can also address the issue of digital hardware obsolescence thanks to the technology upgrade service. “The aim of this partnership between Microsoft and Econocom is to help our clients speed up their digital transformation,” explained Paul Corriveau, Microsoft’s Global Head of Network Marketing & Partners for HoloLens. “By offering mixed reality ‘as-a-service’, Econocom is establishing itself as a market leader and confirming its commitment to making mixed reality and 3D technologies accessible to any company looking to improve its productivity and ways of working.” Microsoft HoloLens in education Econocom now offers the widest portfolio of applications on the market thank ́Ѽ)ݥѠ́хєѡЁɽ)ѹٕ̀ЁՑ̰ѕ)ѕɅѽ̰х̰ьQ͔(ͽɥ ͕ф!ɝ)%ѕɅѥٔ%ͥ9)AͽA̰M幕ɝ谁Qѥ)Qɥ̰Y%MH͔́Ս)ѕȵͥѕѕɕ͕ɍ)Սѥ٥Ʌ)ɕٽѥͥѡѽɔѽ)ɥ́Սѡ䁅ɔѥٕ)ɥѥѼ她ᕐɕ)ɝͅѥ́ՙɥɕх)ѡɔՍѥ+q]Ѡѡ!1́ѹ͡ݗeٔ)ɽ՝Ёѽѡȁչ䁽)̰ݡɔ́ѡ)ɭ́ɔѕѼхѥ)ϊd́Ѽᕐɕ丁Q)ѕ䁅ͽѥ́ɔ܁)ͥѼ̳t)5Ɍ ɥեȰMɅѕ%ѕɹѥ)Aѹ͡5ȁȁ)%9Q11%9Q %<(