Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 85

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Mobile Technology Infobip and Vodafone bring Rich Communications Services to enterprises ///////////////////////////// G lobal cloud communications company Infobip is launching Rich Communications Services (RCS) in partnership with Vodafone. The partnership is part of the GSMA RCS initiative, offering enterprises around the world a chance to upgrade their B2C communications, build customer engagement, increase app downloads and enhance the overall customer experience beyond the common business-to-consumer SMS campaign. By using Infobip’s Application Programming Interface (API) any enterprise can design RCS campaigns and enhanced messaging, including high-resolution photo sharing, read receipts, group chats and live video. “Businesses need to assure that their messaging services remain relevant, attractive and highly engaging. With the enhancement of RCS, the customer is reached with prebuilt rich messaging through Infobip’s flexible API. The communication is branded, the interaction is instant and the visual impact is enabling customers to make choices and purchase decisions in an optimal way,” said Silvio Kutic, President and CEO of Infobip. UK-based Vodafone is partnering and e X[HY\Y[][ۈš][\\HX\]Y[ؚ\ ][ۋY\Y\X\X\Z\[\YK\\[^H\X\]HZH\[˜[\X\[Y\[\]HY[š[X\X[[YHYXY[H][Y]\\ܝ[[XYH\[[Y[™]\][H[ܝ][ۈ[KYX]\[]\H[ۜۙ\X][ۂ[\][[Y\˂']X\H\Hۜ[H[[[›\[\ˈ]\][H]ZX[]\KYX[ۙ\[ۈ[]Y\˜H][[ܙH[H[]\\œ\]Z\H[[YYX]K\\]HX[YB]\[\[]\ˈH\X[[[[YYX]H[\X]Y\Y[œݚY\] ܈^[\KY[]\ۙ\X][ۜ[\X[[[Y[B[XYH[]\K[X\^ܙHBX[]Y\وZ[H[ؚ[H^\Y[B܈[X\\\\[Hܛ˜HY\][ 8'HZYZ[Z^Kؘ[]YX\[HX\SSQSSŽ