Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 56

COUNTRY FOCUS: SPAIN “ WITH THE DEPLOYED ARCHITECTURE, ACENS CAN NOW SAFEGUARD ITS CUSTOMERS’ DATA, WITH THE OPTION FOR THEM TO AUTONOMOUSLY RUN RECOVERY EFFORTS WHEN NECESSARY. offers a strong market tool with a solution base to meet all current needs ensuring continuity and evolution of the product in the future.” An innovative approach: multi-site management, but still centralised To meet this need, Acens has chosen Commvault. “The main reason is that this vendor meets all our requirements with high- level software that fully fits with our needs.” De la Cruz also highlighted the consolidation provided by the centralised management: “After analysing the solutions on the market, we saw that Commvault is a reference point also in this regard,” he explained, “as it guarantees investment in the future. It is a technology that progresses through several research and development lines, aligned with market developments in the medium and long term.” Every day, Acens handles thousands of dedicated servers and VMs from hosting environments for tens of thousands of customers, which means managing hundreds of TBs, backed with source deduplication, which in turn translates into petabytes of information stored in its data centres. In this sense, Acens provides all the necessary resources to facilitate the use and deployment of backup services ens uring a good experience: “We offer everything they need in terms of software, documentation and support so that they can deploy the solution in their facilities and make use of it in a simple and self-managed manner.” “ THE RISE OF CLOUD MODELS PRESENTS NEW SCENARIOS WHICH IN TURN GENERATE NEW CHALLENGES. In addition to offering companies the possibility of having a high-end cloud-based backup with Commvault technology, Acens makes use of this technology to support its own critical environments, thanks to an ecosystem of media agents that provide platform for hypervisors, databases, operating systems or mail, among others. Benefits: flexibility, scalability, security . . . no surprises With the implementation of the Commvault platform and through its data deduplication and compression technologies, Acens has leveraged the opportunity to consolidate its backup services on physical disk to the detriment of traditional systems, enabling optimised processes to cover large data volumes. “In addition, we’ve had a reduction of around 60% in dedicated storage costs,” explained de la Cruz, “and improved service response times by around 70%.” Another key aspect is centralised management. “It’s one of the main needs we had; to have a data management platform that allows an accurate approach to the different service solutions.” With the deployed architecture, Acens can now safeguard its customers’ data, with the option for them to autonomously run recovery efforts when necessary. Apart 56 INTELLIGENTCIO