Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 50

FEATURE: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION evidence of the fact that we are on track to complete many of the tasks that I have laid out, including the absorption of our recent acquisition, as well as potentially new acquisitions, as we seek to combine our distribution channels with our new technologies,” Bauer stated. “In simple words, the company’s debt schedule following the current funding and the payment of the last derivative liability result in only one outstanding liability of US$750,000 that may potentially be //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DEVELOPERS WILL BE ABLE TO IMPORT EXISTING LEARNING MODELS FROM DIFFERENT AI PLATFORMS AND RUN THEM LOCALLY ON PCS AND DEVICES RUNNING WINDOWS 10. transform into a unique ‘two-wheeled self- balancing mode.’ In documents recently made public, Scott C Wiley, an inventor at Facebook, detailed how the futuristic robot would work, providing rudimentary sketches of its appearance. If the drawings prove accurate, it will come equipped with a camera and microphone, a rotatable ‘main arm’ and a set of wheels to help it zoom around. The filing states: “The robot includes a body and a pair of drive wheels located at a first end portion of the body. Each drive wheel is coupled to a drive assembly operative to propel the robot along a surface. A third wheel is located on the body at a second end portion opposite the first end portion.” converted into common stock at a fixed price,” he added. In other tech and AI developments in the market of note: Microsoft is planning to include more AI capabilities inside Windows 10 soon. The software giant has recently unveiled a new AI platform, Windows ML, for developers, which will be available in the next major Windows 10 update this spring. Microsoft’s new platform will enable all developers that create apps on Windows 10 to leverage existing pre-trained machine learning models in apps. Windows ML will enable developers to create more powerful apps for consumers running Windows 10. Developers will be able to import existing learning models from different AI platforms and run them locally on PCs and devices running Windows 10, speeding up real-time 50 INTELLIGENTCIO analysis of local data-like images or video, or even improving background tasks like indexing files for quick search inside apps. Microsoft has already been using AI throughout Office 365, inside the Windows 10 Photos app and even with its Windows Hello facial recognition to allow Windows 10 users to sign into PCs and F2vFFV"f6W2dD6'&F2RbFR7@&֖VBB&Gv&R6W2FR&WBBF2VBfF( 2FVw&WFFfR77FV262&R&VGখFVw&'BbFW6F'>( gVƖWWvW&rFR6VbG&fr6&ƗFW0bFRFV2FVBFV2FR66&V6VFǒV6V@'FW'62vFWF'G2Vf7GW&W &66F&fRWWF&W0BvFVFFWBFRf'7BgVǒ6VbЦG&fr6"FR&WB'##f6V&&V6VFǒ'FVBFVBf WrGRb&&BRFB67vgFǐ&WB2&V6VFǒV6VBG2FW7@'Ff6FVƖvVBR&GV7BG0( vvR6Ɨ>( FWf6RFRU2C#CFWf6Rv62FW6vVBF6ƗFgW&GW&R FW"fVB&V7G2WFF6ǒ6GW&W07V&V7G2FBvFW"FG2fWvfFW"'W@VƖR6RG&"6V7W&G6W&2F@&RG&vvW&VB'F"&w&VBFW'26Ɨ22&RF66W&rvvR2G&VBG2VV7G&2'&F&V6v6R6֖W2Vf6W2Fw26G0B&B6WVV6W2bfVVBFP66VW2VvRFVFvF&VG0BWBvW'2rFw&"6FB6G0bG2B2FR6Ɨ6G26WfVЧ6V6BfFV2vFWBVFFB6&PVFFVBFtg2"vFVfFF2FW6RvW26FV&RFvFV@B6&VBf6'GR'WBvv^( 0&vvW"&F2FR7FW'( 2@6W&6Ɨ6F( 2b'Ff6FVƖvV6R&VvW&RB2&vVǒfW7FrvvPWV7WFfW267V66W72&WV&W2Fv@FVw&F&WGvVV&Gv&RB6gGv&Rv62vFR6V&6VvRvBVW0VvvrvB67VW"VV7G&72wwrFVƖvVF66