Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 43

////////////////////////// “ business THE MAGAZINE WILL INCLUDE DETAILED ANALYSIS FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS, THE LATEST NEWS FROM AROUND THE REGIONS, AS WELL AS GO PHISH, A LIGHT-HEARTED LOOK AT THE PERSONALITIES MAKING A NAME FOR THEMSELVES IN THE SECURITY INDUSTRY. their businesses are striving to achieve. That’s why we will regularly look at the cost of not investing in cybersecurity in our Talking Business column. Pivotal to the Intelligent CISO are our ‘Intelligent’ sub-brands, each providing in-depth analysis on cloud security, data security, mobile security, network security and physical security. At Intelligent CISO, the principal goal is to lead CISOs into a more informed future. In a world where market trends are evolving at an exponential rate, never has it been so important to merge the future ideas of the cybersecurity industry with the practical demands of the end-user. The threat landscape is becoming more alarming There is not a day that goes by without us hearing about the latest threat that could INTELLIGENTCIO 43