Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 35

LATEST INTELLIGENCE UK Opengear, a leading provider of solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, has announced a successful project with Protec Fire Detection plc, the UK’s leading independent Fire Detection and Security manufacturer that is using Opengear solutions to deliver a robust IT continuity strategy and streamline remote access across multiple sites. With six sites across the UK, the company has established a significant IT infrastructure with around 50 servers delivering critical service management, CRM, ERP and CAD applications in support of its product and services portfolio. Based on advice and recommendations from Flow Communications, Protec selected Opengear ACM 7004-2 appliances with 4 serial Cisco Straight pinout, external power, 2 GbE Ethernet and 4G LTE cellular capability. “The installation process was relatively straightforward,” explained Vinod. “Opengear provides us with an additional layer of security that we know we can rely on if there are any issues at a remote site.” THE NETHERLANDS ABN AMRO has joined forces with the Dutch authorities and 11 private parties to combat helpdesk scams. The parties have signed a declaration of intent in which everyone agrees to contribute its own expertise toward finding a solution for this form of crime. Helpdesk scams occur when a victim receives a call from someone claiming to work for the helpdesk of a large company such as Microsoft. The scammers then use a variety of methods to access the victim’s computer and transfer funds via Internet banking. The funds are then often swiftly moved out of the country. “This declaration of intent logically follows from our other partnerships to combat cybercrime and fraud,” explained Emiel den Boer, Head of Crime Prevention at ABN AMRO. We believe that it will allow us to better inform and protect not only our own clients, but also the clients of other banks and telecommunication companies.” INTELLIGENTCIO 35