Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 19

Belnet is preparing for GDPR Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve and Proximus create smarter urban environment B elnet, the Belgian national research network providing high-bandwidth Internet connection and services to Belgian universities, colleges, schools, research centres and government departments, is addressing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is a government requirement and comes into play on 25 May 2018 and focuses on the transparency and control of processing personal data. As previously announced, Belnet has taken the necessary measures in order to be compliant with the GDPR regulations and has rolled out several measures simultaneously. The following precautions are aimed at developing Belnet’s privacy governance and the specific requirements associated with GDPR compliance in the contractual relationships with Belnet’s customers. In addition to appointing its own Data Protection Officer (DPO) and creating a data register, Belnet is integrating the principles of ‘privacy-by-default’ and ‘privacy-by- design’ right from the start of projects. When starting a project, the project managers at Belnet complete questionnaires which are then submitted to the DPO for advice. In this way, Belnet can ensure the minimisation of data and deploy risk management when processing personal data. Belnet also includes GDPR requirements in specifications for public procurement contracts. It is important that the company’s suppliers are GDPR-compliant, not only for Belnet’s internal operations, but also for provision of services to its customers. P roximus and Ottignies-Louvain-la- Neuve have agreed to collaborate on implementing a Smart City Live Lab. The joint project falls within the framework of an agreement with the Walloon Region and will be elaborated under the aegis of the Digital Agency, in line with the Digital Wallonia #SmartRegion strategy. It will make it possibl ѼمՅєѡ)ѕѥaMЁ dͽѥ́)ɕЁ́ѥՍ)͕ɥ䁅ɕٕѥɅѥٔ)䁅ѽɥʹɝ)Ё)%ѥ͔Aɽ᥵́)=ѥ̵1م9ٔݥəɴ)хͥ́ѡȁ)ѡ 䁥́ɥɥѥ́)ɑȁѼٕمͽѥ)ѽѡȸЁѡѡ́Ʌѽ)͔ѡЁɕمЁͽѥ́ݥ)ѕѕɕͥՅѥ̰ݥѠѡ)͕́Ʌѽ)QѕɴѥٔݥѼ)ɕєѡͽѥ́ѕѕ)=ѥ̵1م9ٔɽ́ѡ)չ䰁Ѽ٥ѡȁ]ѥ)չѥ̸)%9Q11%9Q %<(