Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 18

NEWS Outscale, first French cloud provider, gets Preferred Partner status O utscale, a French cloud computing services provider (IaaS) and strategic partner to Dassault Systèmes, has been made Preferred Partner by the global NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). The NVIDIA NPN programme approves cloud service providers who are highly skilled in cloud-based graphics services. By joining the programme, Outscale offers ground-breaking solutions to the cloud’s main challenges including 3D features, Big Data and machine learning. In addition to cloud services for commodities and the general public, Outscale provides cloud-based NVIDIA GPU solutions, thereby boosting graphics and calculating power (VDI/3D/Big Data/ machine learning), which are also included in cloud appliance such as TINA OnPremise. David Chassan, Outscale Chief Communications Officer, said: “We are thrilled we made the grade to be included on NVIDIA NPN’s world programme and that Outscale is the first independent cloud services provider to break into this exclusive community. Working with one of the most innovative market players is genuine recognition for us. The partnership will allow us to provide world-class feature-packed solutions for private, hybrid and public clouds.” Serge Palaric, NVIDIA VP Enterprise Southern Europe, added: “Outscale is well-known for helping clients rollout complex IT projects that effectively meet their operational needs. The NPN programme is designed to help partners, including us, boost sales growth and take on new markets.” ////////////////// Voluntis and Roche Pharma France utilise digital therapeutics broaden their collaboration by extending ZEMY to all solid tumours, through Voluntis’ Theraxium platform. Voluntis and Roche have therefore expanded their licensing and co-development agreement, in which Voluntis acts as the legal manufacturer of ZEMY, heading its technology and regulatory development and Roche leads the clinical evaluation process and the future commercialisation of the solution to oncology centres. V oluntis and Roche Pharma France have announced that important milestones have been reached in the development of ZEMY, a digital therapeutic developed by Roche Pharma France in partnership with Voluntis since 2015. ZEMY aims to improve care support for breast cancer patients. Its co-construction with various stakeholders (patients, healthcare professionals, etc.) 18 INTELLIGENTCIO has been critical in developing its medical algorithms and validating its ease of use. A multi-centre clinical study has been initiated to evaluate adherence to the ZEMY solution as well as potential improvement in patients’ quality of life. Voluntis and Roche will seek regulatory clearance for this innovative software medical device. In addition, both partners have agreed to “We have mobilised our complementary expertise to co-develop a solution that could help the self-management of symptoms, while allowing the patient to stay in touch with their care team,” said Pierre Leurent, CEO of Voluntis. “We are very happy to expand our collaboration with Roche, the world leader in oncology, by extending ZEMY to all solid cancers. This partnership rigorously demonstrates how a digital therapeutic can benefit patient care.”