Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 4 - Page 13

Swedish healthcare provider digitises pathology for primary diagnostics LINK Mobility and BankBridge in new payment partnership in Europe I nternational medical imaging, IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has signed a contract with Dalarna County Council in Sweden for digital pathology. Dalarna County Council is already using Sectra’s solution for breast imaging. The two departments work particularly closely together in cancer care. Working within the same system will allow for convenient sharing of images and information, enabling efficient integrated diagnostics and patient- centric care. “By digitising pathology, we will enable a closer collaboration between pathologists as well as with other departments, thereby increasing efficiency in cancer care,” said Tibor Tot, Operation Manager for Laboratory Medicine at Dalarna County Council. “For example, it will make the preparation of multidisciplinary team meetings easier as well as the actual meetings. In addition, Sectra’s vendor-neutral solution lets us use different scanners from various vendors depending on which is most suitable for a certain type of pathology image. This will be very important for us moving forward.” The contract also comprises Sectra’s solution for sharing pathology images and collaborating with others. Pathologists at Dalarna County Council will be able to share images and collaborate with pathologists working from elsewhere, both in and outside the country. It provides efficient use of resources and an ability to easily discuss cases with subspecialised pathologists. L INK Mobility Group ASA, one of Europe’s leading providers of mobile messaging and solutions, has entered into a partnership agreement with Norwegian payment integration provider BankBridge to deliver Europe’s first mobile account-to-account service for both public and private organisations issuing mobile invoices to customers. The service will be launched during 2018/19 across LINK Mobility’s entire European footprint, a total of 14 European markets including Norway, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Denmark. The servi H[[[\[[HB\ \\H^[Y[[Y\[[[H[\[HY\ˈB\\\[[XH[\\\˜X^[Y[HZ\\Y\YS[ؚ[]x&\Y\Y[˜[[[XZ]H^[Y[\XBHHX[وH\\][]H^Y\YYH\\\Y\˂S[ؚ[]HݚY\H[ؚ[BY\Y[[][X][ۈ][ۜ[H[МYHݚY\H^[Y[[\X\H[HܛHوH[\]YB[Yܘ][ۈ\]X\H][Y\B˚[[Y[[˘B[H \X[ [YYYTKHTB[X\H[[^[Hو[]B[[ܛX][ۈ[[]YX[ۜ˂'\YܙY[Y[X\HY[[قX[ ]XX[^[Y[[]\Y[\[[HHH^[Y[[Y\˜[\YܙH^Y\[\[BY\ˈH\H[YYH\و\™ܛ[ XXZ[\XH]ݚY\˜ۜ[Y\[]\H8$[[[X][BXܛHܛ8$]H[\[[ܙH۝[Y[^H^H܈܂\X\XHH[ؚ[K8'HZY\ٙ\[YSو[МYK'\\[^][][Y[[\\\[X[SY[ܙB[ݘ][ۈ[YXY[H[\[ؚ[B^[Y[ٙ\[[[\[\\B\Y\[[Z\ۂ[\X[ۈ]Z\\Y\[[X[Z\\X\XHH[ؚ[KB[ؚ[H[XYHHY\Y[[܈[\X[ۈ]Y[ۜ[Y\[[\\\ˈ[ؚ[H^[Y[][ۜ›]\[H[XYY[H[ؚ[BY\Y[[\X[ۈ\H^HوB]\K8'HYY\[\Y ܛ\SقS[ؚ[]KSSQSSŒL