Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 84

///////////////////////////////////// FINAL WORD Harnessing the mainframe for Digital Transformation Business decision makers must understand how to best utilise mainframe technology and be aware of the risks that moving to a new platform to enable Digital Transformation can bring. Elizabeth Maxwell, EMEA Mainframe Technical Director at Compuware, is here to offer an insight into the best ways to update tools and cultural processes to incorporate the mainframe into a digital future. D igital Transformation is at the top of the agenda for enterprises, so much so that 89% of companies have plans to adopt, or have already adopted, a digital-first business strategy. Many of these organisations have had the mainframe at the heart of their organisation for more than 50 years but are yet to fully harness the platform as part of their Digital Transformation journey. Many businesses still largely regard legacy technology as a barrier to achieving their digital goals, as opposed to a tool to help inform the process. What these companies are failing to recognise is that the mainframe is only a constraint if you let it be. In fact, not taking advantage of all the mainframe has to offer can leave businesses at a disadvantage. The platform has immense power and valuable insights gathered over decades; characteristics that can prove vital when deciding on and implementing Digital Transformation plans. Enterprises must change how they see the mainframe, putting to use the wealth 84 INTELLIGENTCIO