Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 64

CASE STUDY T he Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB) is a collaboration between Warwick, Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Bath and Leicester Universities and The Quadram Institute Bioscience. The idea behind CLIMB was to bring bioinformatics capability (computing power, storage and analysis tools) to microbiologists working in UK academia. With improvements in next- generation sequencing technologies, generating genomic datasets has become easier. Many academics don’t have access to the resources that they need to perform the required bioinformatics analysis. CLIMB will provide this resource. It will also be a place for researchers to share scripts and pipelines and produce new medical breakthroughs. sites and groups. CLIMB’s goal was to use software-based solutions and commodity hardware to simplify collaboration. “Genomic sequencing, for example, requires huge amounts of computing power,” said Dr Thomas Connor, Co-investigator for CLIMB. “However, most microbiologists are not computer experts. CLIMB provides a platform for IT resource access to help them easily work and collaborate more quickly. “Different universities running different systems made it very difficult to share data,” said Connor. “Collaboration was too challenging for our IT infrastructure. We know that being able to easily share resources is a great way of getting people to work together.” The challenge The solution The project needed a scalable, easily accessible cloud platform to enable it to share large amounts of genome sequence data and project datasets between university 64 INTELLIGENTCIO The project chose to deploy RDO OpenStack as a scalable, easily accessible cloud platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage to provide scalable object storage. With this solution, CLIMB can share a large amount of genome sequence data and project datasets between university sites and groups. The benefits The new solution, based on RDO OpenStack and Red Hat Ceph Storage, helps customers efficiently manage exponential data growth. Red Hat Ceph Storage provides CLIMB with object storage that is capable of meeting the large-scale storage requirements needed to help support medical breakthroughs. Designed for the cloud, Red Hat Ceph Storage can lower the cost of storing enterprise data. It does not require additional hardware investment and is flexible and scalable. This immediately helped CLIMB to manage its data growth efficiently and automatically. “Red Hat Ceph Storage provides object storage and block storage with incredibly