Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 55

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FEATURE: MACHINE LEARNING Understanding the role of Machine Learning for business benefits Intelligent technologies such as Machine Learning are transforming the tech landscape and businesses must be aware of how to avoid getting lost in the hype. We hear from experts in the field who discuss how these technologies are being used in the market to enhance technology operations. The role of AI, ML and Deep Learning in cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are phrases which are being referred to more and more in technology. Derek Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Exabeam, looks past the hype and outlines the benefits of what each of these technologies has to offer. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there’s no shortage of buzz and hype. Often referred to interchangeably, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are part of our daily reality and technology lexicon – whether it’s in a product marketing pitch or a Netflix recommendation for which film to see. In cybersecurity, as these and other emerging technologies like Deep Learning evolve, their capabilities have become a driving force shaping modern cybersecurity solutions. At the same time, security practitioners, fatigued by the barrage of AI and ML messaging, are raising suspicions about vendor claims. At the InteropITX conference in 2018, panellists echoed the same sentiment about the hype, asking what can be INTELLIGENTCIO 55