Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 53

COUNTRY FOCUS: GERMANY We can look to other similar markets like the UK public sector where the adoption of cloud is starting to become mainstream. Tris Church, IT Service Delivery Manager, IM&T Department, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust commented, “ServiceNow has defined our approach to IT service management. We made the decision to work with ServiceNow five years ago and the platform continues to put us at the cutting edge of IT service delivery. ServiceNow has an aggressive upgrade programme and this challenges us to push the boundaries on what we can achieve with the platform.” “The improvements that ServiceNow has delivered have been revolutionary. We have transformed our IT department into a leading light within our organisation and the benchmark for service delivery.” Key challenges for the industry years. We conservatively estimate that this could open up as much as 20% more total addressable market for ServiceNow business in Germany, with healthcare and financial services identified as key growth areas. The in-country presence means that we can serve customers across a far wider and more sensitive assortment of data residency and regulatory compliance use cases. It also gives customers the choice to retain control and management of their data residency. On the differences in customers who now know they can locate their ServiceNow public cloud data storage requirements inside Germany Our German customers and prospects are now much are more open to work with us further as we now compete with all leading cloud companies in the territory that already have a data centre in Germany. How ServiceNow’s investments in people, skills and talent will help tackle the company’s data privacy issues going forward Our ongoing investments are just part of our story in building further trust with our customers as we continue to expand across Europe, whether in data privacy, or further compliance elements about the use of our cloud services. On the trends emerging in the country’s data centre market There will be the same trends in Germany that we see across all geographies including a continued drive to transition to the cloud. For example, as in the UK, more public sector and governments will become more at home with cloud- based technologies and start to digitally transform thanks to increased confidence in national border data. We need to ensure that we attract the best talent and develop our partner ecosystem in order to best deliver the growth for both our business and that of our customers. As well as continue to educate and build trust in cloud solutions in industries that are more traditional and still rely on a lot of on-premise technology by showcasing the benefits our customers are already experiencing. On whether Germany will remain as the dominant country for data centre residency and how it will retain its position It is impossible to predict exactly how the future of the data centre industry will evolve and where businesses will base their assets. The positioning of data centres will continue to change depending on a myriad of factors, especially those relating to technical or legal requirements and risk. A compelling formula for ongoing growth in the country is ease of business and minimisation of risk, together with compelling technical, best-in-class solutions and resources. n INTELLIGENTCIO 53