Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS: GERMANY “ THE FRANKFURT AND DUSSELDORF OPERATIONS HAVE BEEN BUILT AS A MIRRORED PAIR TO ENABLE SERVICENOW TO SEIZE THE MASSIVE CUSTOMER EXPANSION OPPORTUNITY IN THE GERMAN MARKET. we look at the European market as a whole, we already have a strong presence in London, Amsterdam, Geneva and Zurich, but GDP growth in Germany is stable and positive. The new data centres will help us to strategically expand our presence in Western Europe in what we have identified as a key growth market. The announcement of these Germany data centres has already allowed ServiceNow to close a number of deals based directly upon the provision of these new cloud facilities. But in truth, every customer conversation ServiceNow is having is focused on the new data centres. ServiceNow has identified eight key growth markets globally and the two biggest geographical zones are Germany and Japan. In our view, these two countries will see the greatest amount of Digital Transformation leading to cloud services growth over INTELLIGENTCIO 51