Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 50

COUNTRY FOCUS: GERMANY As more and more companies are having to carefully decide where to store their data, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit, Germany is seemingly dominating the data centre market. Intelligent CIO Europe hears from Philip van der Wilt, SVP, GM EMEA, ServiceNow, on why the company chose to further expand business into the country. ///////////////// Exploring Germany’s dominance in EMEA data centre market S erviceNow has announced the official opening and powering up of two new cloud services data centres in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany. The facilities will serve new and existing ServiceNow customers who need to retain control and management of their data residency. The Frankfurt and Dusseldorf operations have been built as a mirrored pair to enable ServiceNow to seize the massive customer expansion opportunity in the German market. data residency and regulatory compliance use cases. ServiceNow already has over 200 German customers, served by data centre pairs in London and Amsterdam, as well as Geneva and Zurich. The strategic investment in its cloud infrastructure will ultimately serve to further broaden ServiceNow’s already expanding German customer base, allowing the company to talk to a wider breadth of companies. companies. Additionally, there is a similarly large customer expansion opportunity for ServiceNow to serve non-Germany-located Managed Service Provider (MSP) firms who operate a substantial amount of business with German customers in the domestic market, on the ground. These businesses need to be located on German soil to carry out many of their core operational requirements. This is an investment decision based upon the complexity and volume of cloud services requirements already being evidenced by German customers. Massive expansion opportunity The in-country presence means that ServiceNow can serve customers across a far wider and more sensitive assortment of 50 INTELLIGENTCIO Initially, the expansion of cloud services may suit Germany-headquartered Part of our central go-to-market proposition is that we want to give our customers choice over their data residency and control. When