Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 46

CIO opinion CIO OPINION “ USERS WILL JUST PAY FOR WHAT THEY CONSUME, LEADING US TO A MORE ‘CONSUMABLE’ FUTURE. ////////////////// Chris Pope, VP Innovation, ServiceNow How CIOs should be managing IoT data securely and successfully While there is a widespread acceptance that the IoT will change everything within a decade, there is little appreciation about how it can impact businesses currently. Chris Pope, VP of Innovation, ServiceNow, tells us that with too many IoT devices developed without adequate security, CIOs need to not only form a strategy to safely lock down their IoT data but also drive commercial action from the information produced. 46 INTELLIGENTCIO U nless you’ve been living under a disconnected rock, you’ll know that the Internet of Things (IoT) has developed to become a new substrate layer of web-driven intelligence that is helping to connect our world. Fuelled by data from sensors, cameras and all manner of gyroscopes and accelerometers, IoT gives us a new power to monitor, track, analyse and act upon the data being created in the world around us. But you already knew that part. The issue at hand for us now is what happens next in IoT. We need to focus on how we build the infrastructure that serves IoT and how we create the higher-level technology fabric that feeds off it. A crucial factor for organisations looking to channel IoT is the need to create new business models. New operational frameworks must be customised to the needs and requirements of the machines and people populating the IoT ecosystem. We have reached a few watershed moments with IoT already. We know that the initial years saw too many products developed with inadequate – or non-existent – security provisioning. The security debate will always be there, but services have now come to the fore in terms of how we lock down data in the IoT. People – users and sometimes also wearers of technology – will now be central to the debate going forward. The fact that people will be carrying wearables so much more means we will know a lot more about the status of every individual in every situation.