Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 29

INFOGRAPHIC “ THE MAJORITY OF ORGANISATIONS (86%) SAID THEY FELT VULNERABLE TO DATA THREATS. 30% of respondents using encryption as part of their Digital Transformation strategy. Frank Dickson, Research Vice President for Security Products Research at IDC, said: “Our research shows that no organisation is immune from data security threats and in fact, we found that the most sophisticated organisations are more likely to indicate that they have experienced a data security breach. “This trend is consistent no matter how we define the sophistication of the audience: those who are spending more on IT security, those for whom data security is a larger portion of their security budget or those who are further along in their Digital Transformation journey.” Tina Stewart, Vice President of Market Strategy at Thales eSecurity, said: “Data security is vitally important. Organisations need to take a fresh look at how they implement a data security and encryption strategy in support of their transition to the cloud and meeting regulatory and compliance mandates. “As our 2019 Thales Data Threat Report shows, we have now reached a point where almost every organisation has been breached. As data breaches continue to be widespread and commonplace, enterprises around the globe can rely on Thales to secure their Digital Transformation in the face of these ongoing threats.” n INTELLIGENTCIO 29