Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 15 - Page 16

NEWS Cloudian solves backup challenges for European MSP C loudian has announced that Systemec, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) specialising in healthcare and logistics in the Netherlands and Germany, has deployed Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform to address the backup challenges of growing data volumes. Cloudian enables Systemec to protect data from multiple applications, prevent the scheduling problems it previously faced and achieve increased cost efficiency. Founded in 2007, Systemec runs two data centres in the Netherlands and one in Germany under a unique cross-border strategy that supports more than 500 customers. As the amount of data the company manages rapidly increased, Systemec needed a cost-effective solution to store and secure customer data. “This growth raised concerns about accommodating the future data volume,” said Marco Teelen, Internet Services Manager at Systemec. “As a result, we decided to expand our secondary storage.” Since installing the new Cloudian solution, Systemec has been pleased with the benefits. “We now have a limitlessly scalable storage foundation that enables us to deliver new services to our customers,” said Teelen. ////////////////// Teleste continues headend optics deliveries to Türksat T eleste Corporation will continue the deliveries of optical headend products to Türksat, a leading satellite and cable operator in Turkey. Extending the headend optics deployments last year, the new deliveries will again be carried out in cooperation with Teleste’s local partner, Telco İletişim Teknolojileri, and they will take place during the course of 2019. HDO family of headend optics designed to offer operators a reliable, easy-to- operate and versatile solution for optical data transmission. To drive savings in power consumption and ensure that the requirements of the high-density installations are met in a future-proof manner, the focus of the deployment is set on Teleste’s dual DWDM transmitters released in 2018. “We look forward to continuing with Teleste to provide the best-of-breed products and support for our customer, Türksat,” said Ender Kumustekin, Sales Director at Telco İletişim Teknolojileri. “We appreciate that our long-term customer, Türksat, decided to continue with us and Telco Iletişim Teknolojileri in carrying out its network upgrades. We are pleased to see that excellent support and firm commitment to the customer’s success have helped us achieve business continuity and strengthen our brand in Turkey and nearby areas,” said Rami Kimari, Vice President of HFC Networks for Teleste. The deliveries to Türksat A.Ş. continue with high-density products in Teleste’s 16 INTELLIGENTCIO