Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 25 - Page 52

CASE STUDY between is a technology layer which assist with aggregation, analysis, visualisation, storytelling and reporting. “The technology layer is incredibly important – what we have tried to do is to simplify this by selecting a platform (SAP, SAP HANA, SAP Cloud) and a partner (Britehouse / Dimension Data) that can cover all the bases 52 INTELLIGENTCIO from sensor, to connectivity, to security, to visualisation and who are interested in understanding our business and who see themselves as strategic partners.” “We have many plans across many areas of the business. On the farm there are more areas in which we can introduce IoT, more sensors we can add to the fields (water, fertiliser, weeding requirements), to the vehicles (load sensors, RFID sensors at the field and the weighbridge), to the water distribution systems, to the electricity network. In the factory there are many existing sensors, but with each new piece of equipment we insist that they are IoT enabled, and then we need to add value to this data.”