Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 25 - Page 47

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// billion in 2016 to nearly US$26 billion in 2017 (population of 16.5 million), according to the World Bank. Angola is, perhaps, set for exceptional growth in the future. The country is commercially exploiting its natural oil reserves and rolling out progressive government policy supporting legislation to diversify the economy. The two countries’ populations have urbanised at similar rates and so too have life expectancies, which increased to 61. FEATURE: DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, Gabon and Senegal (West Africa) collectively supported about half the numbers of copiers/MFPs of Southern Africa. Nigeria is by far the largest single market in the region. It’s interesting to note that 93% of Nigerian sales are black and white (BW) while in Morocco there’s an 80-20 split of BW versus colour. Total sales volumes for West Africa show exceptionally mild fluctuations around the 30,000 units mark for both 2016 and 2017. Chris de Beer, Africa Regional Manager at infoSource SA INTELLIGENTCIO 47