Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 25 - Page 36

FEATURE: CYBERSECURITY ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CONSIDERING THE EASE WITH WHICH ATTACKERS CAN OUTSOURCE KEY COMPONENTS OF THE ATTACKS, IT IS PREDICTED THAT EVASION TECHNIQUES WILL BECOME MORE AGILE DUE TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN 2019. 36 INTELLIGENTCIO about not getting caught. According to CSO contributor David Storm, “Cryptomining will continue to be a threat as long as attackers can make quick cash from the infections.” GDPR According to Nok Nok Labs’ CEO Phil Dunkelberger, “the global regulatory environment will become more challenging as regulators and governments worldwide continue to strive to implement better data privacy protection as was done with GDPR. While this is great progress, we’re going to see these governments counter to gain more access to information.”