Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 25 - Page 31

////////////////////////// A gainst a background of the continuing progress of technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC, predicts the benefits of immersive intelligence are set to transform productivity in the workplace. Here he makes some insightful predictions not just about the way we work but about the world of Information Technology in general. We’ll be more immersed than ever in work and life Virtual assistants continue to be pervasive in consumer technology – smart home technologies, ‘things’ and connected cars – learning your preferences and proactively serving up content and information based on previous interactions. We’ll see this Machine Intelligence merge with Augmented and Virtual Reality in the home to create truly immersive experiences – like a virtual sous chef that can help you whip up an easy meal for the family. And you’ll be more connected to your personal health with even more intelligent wellness tracking devices that can capture more information about the body, like heart rate variability (HRV), sleep patterns and more that you can easily share with health care providers for better care. Immersive intelligence will also follow us to work. Our PCs and devices we use every day will continue to learn from our habits and proactively boot up with the right apps and services at the right time. Advances in natural language processing and voice technologies will create a more productive dialogue with machines, while Automation and Robotics will create faster, more fluid collaboration with technology to get more done. And, with Augmented and Virtual Reality applications creating on and off-site immersive experiences – people will have access to the data they need to do work whenever, wherever they are. Move over Millennials, Gen Z will clock into the workplace Millennials are going to have to make room for the next generation with Gen Z (born Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC after 1995) badging into the workplace over the next year – creating an increasingly diverse workforce spanning five generations. This will create a rich range of experiences in life and technology. A total of 98% of Gen Z will have used technology as part of their formal education, many already understand the basics of software coding and expect only the best technology to be a part of their work experience. Gen Z will spark a new evolution in technology innovation for the workplace and create more opportunities for technology literacy and on-site learning for new skills with older generations of workers. AR and VR will become increasingly commonplace and close the skills gap across an ageing workforce – while giving Gen Z the speed and productivity they demand. Data gold mine will spark next ‘Gold Rush’ in tech investments Organisations have been stockpiling Big Data for years. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2020, the data volume will reach 44 trillion gigabytes, or 44 zettabytes. That’s a lot of data. Soon they’ll finally put it to work as Digital Transformation takes shape. As they derive more value from that data – with insights driving new innovations and more efficient business processes – more investments will be born out of INTELLIGENTCIO 31