Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 25 - Page 17

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TRENDING SOUTH AFRICA LEADS WORLD IN DEMAND FOR CONSTANT CONNECTIVITY New research reveals how South Africans view Internet connectivity and how important it is to them. S outh Africans with Internet connections lead the world in expectations for constant connection, with 95% of respondents saying they expect it and it is important to them, according to the 2018 ARRIS International plc Connectivity and Entertainment Index (CEI). Most households with Internet connections (56%) are also willing to pay more for access to new experiences that constant connections deliver. Only India and Chile matched South Africa’s level of expectation. In a finding increasingly mirrored worldwide, 51% said they want an equivalent content experience (and 77% said they wanted equivalent quality of connection) away from home as they have while inside. “This demand for constant connection away from home has appeared quickly,” said Duncan Potter, Senior Vice President of global marketing for ARRIS. “All of this has huge implications for providers and even enterprises as they cater to more demanding workforces. Other global markets are showing us that pent-up demand will likely grow as younger consumers continue to enter the market.” The complete findings have wide-ranging implications for mobile operators, residential service providers and enterprises. The global report, which surveyed 20,000 consumer technology buyers in 20 countries about their behaviours and purchase plans, is now in its eighth year. “ OTHER GLOBAL MARKETS ARE SHOWING US THAT PENT-UP DEMAND WILL LIKELY GROW AS YOUNGER CONSUMERS CONTINUE TO ENTER THE MARKET. INTELLIGENTCIO 17