Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 25 - Page 15

LATEST INTELLIGENCE DESIGNING ADAPTABLE ORGANISATIONS FOR TOMORROW’S CHALLENGES PRESENTED BY Commentary on CRF’s research findings This timely and robust report calls out the unprecedented challenges that organisations, today, are facing. Digital disruption, complexity and connectedness are ubiquitous themes throughout. Organisations must learn to adapt. They must be responsive to ever-evolving business strategies, as well as help their people flourish during change. Nowhere is change happening more rapidly than in digital transformation. To respond effectively, businesses need faster organisation design cycles. As the report concludes, it is no longer sufficient to rely on the unfreeze- change-refreeze approach to design. Instead, a process of continuous change is needed – one that is driven by in-house HR teams and seeks to constantly adjust designs in response to evolving strategy. This continual cycle of organisation design is a new, Board-level mandate for HR, but it is not a common strength. Worryingly, only 39% of research participants feel they have strong organisation design skills within HR. What a missed opportunity for HR to take a more central role in the development of the organisation. Given 89% of respondents have recently gone through or are still going through a reorganisation, and a further 68% expect more change in the next two years, building capability in this area should be of paramount importance. n Download whitepapers free from INTELLIGENTCIO 15