Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 21 - Page 82

/////////////////////////////////////////// INDUSTRY WATCH A PRIVATE CLOUD NOT ONLY SECURELY PROVIDES OPERATORS THE NEEDED INTERCONNECTIVITY, BUT ALSO AN AGILE AND FLEXIBLE COMPUTING CAPABILITY. operators and gain the ability to provide commuters and customers with improved or even new products or services – making a private cloud-based data centre the ideal option. Harvesting synergies: As rail operators switch to broadband, they find that they still have spare bandwidth on top of that required for critical communications; they can now use this to start collecting and analysing different sources of data from trains or trackside installations, including a myriad of data from sensors feeding on Internet of Things. Rail operators across the world set up projects to make use of this information to determine if there are problems aboard coaches, or elsewhere in the infrastructure, that requires attention, whether this is faulty air conditioning or variation of vi brations that hint at maintenance is required. Customer projects show that predictive maintenance in combination of IoT with private, hybrid or public cloud and the use of own or third party predictive tools give huge advantages over a time-based preventative maintenance approach. Combining broadband connectivity with cloud further enables intelligent video surveillance across the fleet and operations, allowing the business to keep track of assets and work being carried out or support new approaches such as video- based fare collection. Future services could even include the provision of seatback information and entertainment, like what is found with airlines. Norman Frisch, Business Development Transport Solutions at Huawei Enterprise A cloud-based approach to rail With this ambition of revitalising the railways, and increasing rail’s market share in intermodal systems, South African rail operators will need to invest in a solution that can provide them with a high- 82 INTELLIGENTCIO performance service platform, converged network and data centre that provides the reliability and redundancy needed. They need to break down information silos to enable information sharing between trains, stations and even line and service A private cloud not only securely provides operators the needed interconnectivity, but also an agile and flexible computing capability to support continuous service integration, and high concurrent processing, such as making online ticket bookings. With cloud, operators can get the flexibility they need to securely expand their operations to meet future growth requirements. n