Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 21 - Page 75

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Mobile Technology Samsung Pay launches in South Africa ///////////////////////////// S amsung Electronics Co Ltd has announced that its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, has launched in South Africa. Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted mobile payment platform, enabling users to make mobile payments almost anywhere using both MST and NFC technology. The first of its kind in Africa, it offers the ultimate flexible payment solution that features the benefits of both a physical and mobile wallet to make in-store purchases safer and simpler. It also gives users full control of their digital payment journey by ensuring all transactions are secure and authenticated by the user. Featuring Samsung’s defence- grade Samsung Knox security platform and biometric authentication through iris or fingerprint scanning, users can have peace of mind that their personal payment information is safe. Additionally, tokenisation ensures that a user’s actual card information is never exposed during a transaction, making every payment more secure. While cash might not be dead, and cards still dominate the payments landscape, the world of contactless payments is evolving faster than ever before. The way consumers make payments is changing faster than any area of financial services, impacted by rapid changes in digital technology, competitive forces and consumer demands. Ethel Nyembe, Standard Bank SA Head of Card Issuing, added: “We want to make sure that Standard Bank’s payment solutions become the preferred choice for digital experiences – whether it be traditional cards, virtual cards, tap to pay, or Samsung Pay. Customers retain their plastic cards, but we are making sure that people who want to go beyond traditional payment methods can now participate in an exciting mobile payments world, which is getting bigger every day.” To start using Samsung Pay, users should upgrade to the latest software version for their eligible Samsung Galaxy smartphone and simply download the Samsung Pay app. Mark Elliott, Division President at Mastercard, Southern Africa, said, “We have been a pioneer of mobile commerce innovation for y X\[\H^]Yܚ][\[[]\]X[ۛ\^[Y[[ۜ˜ۜ[Y\[\[[X[\]HBY[ۈوY][^[Y[[]YXK']\H[\[^H[X[ۈXYH]X\\\\YHX\KHܚ]X[\و\\\X[]H[\H\\]Z[\HH8&[&H[HX[\[X\\ݚYYH ٙ\[˜ۜ[Y\[]Z[\[HY]B[Y][X\[Y\وH[X[ۂXYH]H\X[\ 'H[\[^KH[Y[HX\Y[ؚ[H^[Y[]ܛK\][Y[]YXB[\[^H\\[H]Z[XH܈XB[[\[\Y\]\ܝYX\\\[\H^[Y[\ˈ][˜ܙY]\]\Z\^\ܙY]\[\[[ۙ^H\\H[\ܝY '[\[^Hܚ[[[]\H[B[\K[\܈\H\ \H\[H[YXH[\[Y[\H\HY[H^]YX]]8&\™[[ٛܛH\\Y\&H]\'KZYܘZYHZ\\XH\Y[ق[Yܘ]Y[ؚ[]H܈[\[]YXK8'[\[^H\[Z]Y™][H[ؚ[H[][ݙ[Y[[YXH[\][\\[\[&\™YX][ۈ[]\[[ݘ]]H\X\ۜ[Y\]\]\K'B˚[[Y[[˘BSSQSS