Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 21 - Page 72

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Enterprise Security POWERED BY Using tomorrow’s tools to solve today’s security problems ///////////////////////////// Organisations that do not have a clear longer-term security roadmap in place are putting themselves at risk of being compromised, according to Jon Tullett, Research Manager – IT Services for Sub-Saharan Africa at International Data Corporation (IDC). T he first step in creating this roadmap is to start getting your security under control. This includes using analytics for behaviour anomaly detection at both a network and user level, gathering the data to do baseline profiling. Organisations must consider technologies that play to the cloud and be prepared to evolve with the technology. User awareness and training also remain key fundamentals that are receiving enough attention. Currently, training budgets are horrifically small and that must be addressed. Start by spending the money, but more importantly, evolve that training over time. Today, the breach is a credential theft or phishing attack. Companies that tackle that, and really invest in training, see tremendous reductions. Once organisations have this under control and have done th