Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 21 - Page 57

CASE STUDY K RA is an agency of the Government of the Republic of Kenya (GoK) responsible for the assessment, collection and accounting of all revenues that are due to GoK, in accordance with the laws of Kenya. The main purpose of the authority is to enforce all laws relating to revenue. The biggest obstacle facing KRA was increasing tax collection when the country had a very low compliance rate, with only 11% of the Kenyan working population filing their taxes. A key factor was the inconvenience caused by the tedious manual process, which required taxpayers to be physically present for it to take place. KRA needed to re-engineer its processes to motivate participation in the tax filing process. They needed a solution that would be simple, convenient and efficient. CRM system with third party data platforms to widen its reach.” Realigning structures meant implementing tools such as iTax, which is powered by Oracle Service Cloud, Policy Automation, Social Cloud and Marketing Cloud. It ensures that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is delivered on simplicity, convenience and efficiency in service delivery. iTAX Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud is a tax- owned solution that works with finance systems to help deliver effective, efficient and transparent corporate tax processes including tax provision and country by country reporting (CbCR). Implemented in 2013 and promoted to production two years later, iTax has continuously implemented various enhancements to the system, including integrating with the various internal and external systems. “KRA benchmarked with other Revenue Authorities such as Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) who had implemented a similar solution to manage Taxpayer Registration,” said Grace Wandera, Deputy Commissioner at KRA. “As a result of the restructure and ease of use of the new system, the burden of compliance for Kenyans is reduced, and the KRA can rely more on tax collection as AS A RESULT OF THE RESTRUCTURE AND EASE OF USE OF THE NEW SYSTEM, THE BURDEN OF COMPLIANCE FOR KENYANS IS REDUCED a primary means of driving the country’s growth and development. “CRM forms an integral part of KRA’s transformation agenda that is anchored on technology for enhanced service delivery. The authority intended on integrating the The CRM solution went live in January in time for the 2018 tax season. It has since enhanced taxpayer experience, improved service delivery and increased operational efficiency by eliminating the major local challenges. A huge milestone for the citizens brought by the transition was being able to directly communicate with tax specialists, make enquiries and voice disputes on a single platform, in real time at remote locations. Following the implementation of Oracle’s Customer Relationship Cloud Solution, the KRA registered an increased score of 71% on the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI); a clear indication of the hassle free and seamless taxpayer experience now being delivered by the government authority. “Prior to the implementation of iTax in 2010, the CSI was 64.68% and dropped to 64.2% in 2012,” added Wandera “Through the system, KRA’s social media engagement rate has more than doubled, from 300 to over 700 engagements per day and about 100 KRA agents used the Oracle Service Cloud and Social Cloud to respond to taxpayer requests, complaints and comments on iTax, Facebook, emails and call centres. Their customer query response time has improved to an average of 15 minutes across all platforms, a quarter of the time when compared to the previous one-hour average turnaround time. “Previously each of KRA’s social media platform were monitored individually. This caused a delay in response time and with Oracle Social Cloud integrating and monitoring their social media channels their response rate increased from 83% to 94%. “This improvement of query time, social media engagement and resulting insights have enhanced the authority’s understanding of customer needs and improved experience.” What they did and how Ёݽɭ)]Ѡ=Ʌé ѽȁIѥ͡ Ր)Mѥ-ÍɕѕɽЁѽ)%9Q11%9Q %<(