Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 21 - Page 47

COUNTRY FOCUS: ALGERIA Since its independence, Algeria has made major strides in Information Technology, with telecommunications operators investing significantly in modernising their networks to allow for the adoption of new technologies. We spoke to Pierre Chaume, Market Unit Head for Nokia Africa, to ask him his thoughts about how technology is on the rise in the North African country. ////////////////// Nokia continues to invest in Algerian market N okia has a long-standing history of operating in Algeria and has grown its local technical competence significantly over the years. The company has made tremendous inroads in the country, working with several operators to modernise their networks to drive the adoption of new technologies, which is line with the government’s drive to diversify the economy. “We are very excited about the growth prospects in Algeria,” said Chaume. “The economic landscape in the country is linked to the crude oil price and where two years back it was at US$40, today it is more in “ WE HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT PRESENCE IN ALGERIA WHEN IT COMES TO THE OPTICAL NEXT GENERATION BACKBONE. the range of US$80. This on its own is a major factor in improving the economic landscape. There are also several promising government initiatives aimed at diversifying the economy so that they do not only rely on oil. “ The Algerian government has also reduced the country’s budget deficit over the past four years bringing it down significantly from 16% to 3% in 2017. “From a mobile perspective, all the service providers have been modernising their networks to cope with the 3G and 4G standards and ensure they meet their license requirements,” said Chaume. INTELLIGENTCIO 47