Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 21 - Page 25

INFOGRAPHIC “ THE LARGEST NUMBER OF THREATS COME FROM THE INTERNET, WHICH OVER THE YEARS HAS BECOME THE MAIN SOURCE OF INFECTION FOR ICS. Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT recommends the implementation of the following technical measures: • Regularly update operating systems, application software and security solutions on systems that are part of the enterprise’s industrial network • Restrict network traffic on ports and protocols used on edge routers and inside the organisation’s OT networks • Audit access control for ICS components in the enterprise’s industrial network and at its boundaries • Deploy dedicated endpoint protection solutions on ICS servers, workstations and HMIs to secure OT and industrial infrastructure from random cyberattacks; and network traffic monitoring, analysis and detection solutions for better protection from targeted attacks. • Provide dedicated training and support for employees as well as partners and suppliers with access to your network n INTELLIGENTCIO 25