Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 92

GET TO KNOW The credit system in South Africa also works differently from other markets. Shoppers look to receive credit from the retailer, as opposed to going to the banks. This is a very different offering in the product space, from a retail perspective. This is a huge component that needs to be considered for retailers moving into the region. What changes to your job role have you seen in the last year and how do you see these developing in the next 12 months? What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry? I believe there are two main areas of investment in the IT industry in South Africa – skills development and offshoring. South Africa has a severe shortage of software developer skills. As a result, businesses are wrestling to employ the best in the industry. This has resulted in an unrealistic spike in salaries, which is unsustainable and will ultimately drive investment elsewhere. South African companies have noticed this trend and have started to help develop skills locally. This is the sort of investment that is not seen as a definitive return on investment, but rather as a contribution to the betterment of society. There is a strong financial incentive linked to offshoring for European based companies into countries like South Africa. Our time zones, work ethic, weak rand and availability of English speaking skilled individuals makes South Africa a premier destination for offshoring. What are the region-specific challenges when implementing new technologies in Africa? We have found two major challenges specific to the African market; the thin commercial 92 INTELLIGENTCIO market and the way in which retailers manage credit. African countries have a niche retail market as they are more focused on growing their infrastructure, telecommunications and mining industries. As a result, retailers tend not to prioritise custom software development and instead look to build new technologies on top of their current systems. β€œ WE HAVE FOUND TWO MAJOR CHALLENGES SPECIFIC TO THE AFRICAN MARKET; THE THIN COMMERCIAL MARKET AND THE WAY IN WHICH RETAILERS MANAGE CREDIT. In the last year, I have focused quite strongly on the redPanda Software culture. Building good ICT solutions requires dedicated, hard-working people and to do this our leadership team have worked on creating an environment for employees who share the same values and company ethos. Our staff need to be inspired and challenged to become the best versions of themselves and our role is to enable that through our Way to Grow ₯Ή₯Ρ₯…Ρ₯Ω”Έ)=Υȁ₯ΉΡ•ΙΉ…Ρ₯½Ή…°•αΑ…ΉΝ₯½Έ₯ΉΡΌΡ‘”UΉ₯Ρ•)-₯Ή‘½΄°έ‘₯ ‰•…΅”„Ι•…±₯Ρ䁕…Ι±₯•ΘΡ‘₯Μ)啅ȁέ₯Ρ Ρ‘”½™™₯₯…°½Α•Ή₯Ήœ½˜½ΥȁΉ•ά)½™™₯”₯Έ ½Ω•ΉΡΙ䰁݅́„Ν₯Ή₯™₯…ΉΠΑΙ₯½Ι₯Ρδ)™½Θ΅”…Ή$Ω”ΝΑ•ΉΠ„±…ɝ”Α½ΙΡ₯½Έ½˜΅δ)啅ȁ‘•Ω•±½Α₯ΉœΡ‘”‰•ΝЁ΅½‘•°ΥΝΡ½΅₯Ν•)™½ΘΡ‘”U,΅…Ι­•ΠΈ)]‘…Ё…‘Ω₯”έ½Υ±ε½Τ½™™•Θ)Ν½΅•‰½‘䁅ΝΑ₯Ι₯ΉœΡΌ½‰Ρ…₯Έ ΅±•Ω•°)Α½Ν₯Ρ₯½Έ₯Έε½Υȁ₯Ή‘ΥΝΡΙδό)$‰•±₯•Ω”Ρ‘…Ё₯Ё₯́Ή½Π„ΑΙ½•Ν́ё…Ё…Έ½Θ)Ν‘½Υ±‰”ΙΥΝ‘•Έe½ΤΉ••ΡΌ₯Ω”ε½ΥΙΝ•±˜)•Ή½Υ Ρ₯΅”…ΉΝΑ…”ΡΌΡ‘₯Ή¬Έ%ӊé…‰½ΥΠ)½ΉΡ₯ΉΥ½ΎΙ½έΡ …Ή‘₯͍₯Α±₯Ή”°Α…₯Ι•)έ₯Ρ Ρ₯΅”…Ή•αΑ•Ι₯•Ή”Έ)Q‘ɽ՝ Ρ₯΅”°ε½Τ…Έ‰•½΅”…Έ•αΑ•ΙΠ)₯Έε½ΥȁɕΝΑ•Ρ₯Ω”™₯•±Έ •₯Ήœ­Ή½έΈ…́ё”+ŠaΌ΅ΡΏŠdΥ䁑•±ΆѼ‰Υ₯±½Ή™₯‘•Ή”…Ή₯Π)₯́έ₯Ρ Ρ‘₯́­Ή½έ±•‘”Ρ‘…Ёε½Τ…Έ™½Ι΄„)ΝΡΙ½Ήœ½Α₯Ή₯½ΈΡ‘…Ё½Υ±₯΅ΑΙ½Ω”½Θ‘…Ή”)Ρ‘”₯Ή‘ΥΝΡΙδΈ)Ι½΄‘•Ι”ε½Τ…Ι”‰•ΝЁΑΙ•Α…Ι•ΡΌ±•…Ρ‘”)½΅Α…ΉδΡ‘…ЁΑ•ΙΝ½Ή₯™₯•ΜΡ‘₯́₯΅ΑΙ½Ω•΅•ΉΠ)½Θ‘…Ή”ΈΈ)έέάΉ₯ΉΡ•±±₯•ΉΡ₯ΌΉ½΄