Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 83

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INDUSTRY WATCH Aveng has boosted desktop performance with the assistance of Datacentrix or clients, making more cost-effective IT expenditure a key focus.” Elmari Keyser, from Datacentrix A veng, an infrastructure company with expertise in steel, engineering, manufacturing, mining, public infrastructure and water treatment, has boosted desktop performance and reliability, and reduced related costs, with the assistance of Datacentrix, a provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions. Ian van der Merwe, acting group IT manager at Aveng, said: “Aveng’s operations within the manufacturing, steel, mining and construction sectors require, at a high-level, slightly different desktop computing solutions. “Our construction and mining businesses are project-driven and encompass varying geographic locations, both within and external to local borders. Within this environment, the user base is highly fluid, projects vary greatly in duration, lasting between six and 36 months and occasionally longer. “The site environment can be harsh on devices, in terms of movements and dust for and the result is that these project-based devices are often written-off to the project Based on these factors, says van der Merwe, it has been necessary for Aveng to constantly review its standard catalogue of devices to better match business needs. “However, while cost played a significant role in our decisions, we also needed a quality, reliable, cost-effective device that did not compromise on performance,” he said. As Aveng’s preferred desktop device supplier, it is Datacentrix’ mandate to also keep the organisation up-to-date with the ever- changing IT landscape and technologies. “Datacentrix ensures that Aveng stays on top of new technologies by including us in regular product information sessions and technology trend discussions,” added van der Merwe. “And when we requested assistance in specifying an alternate model for our site- based operations that matched current expected quality, performance and reliability standards, but was more cost effective, the company recommended going the AMD processor route.” According to Elmari Keyser, Datacentrix’ end user computing specialist for commercial, AMD is delivering exceptional performance to both businesses, including Fortune 500 organisations and hundreds of millions of consumers across the globe. It is now available on HP, Lenovo and Dell commercial platforms. “AMD has built a reputation for providing high-performance computing at a reasonable cost, making for the ideal answer to Aveng’s specific requirements,” said Keyser. “The organisation was equipped with the right information, ran a demonstration and was convinced that the solution put forward by Datacentrix matched its expected quality, reliability and performance requirements, at a more cost-effective price point.” Van der Merwe added: “The engineering device has very different specifications to the entry-level project device, being just short of a full CAD workstation device. However, the AMD option can meet the engineering requirements from both a design application and checking aspect. “This has allowed us to increase performance for the graphics and storage components, but with massive savings at the same time. Datacentrix invested time in understanding our challenges, executed on our requirements timeously and professio ǒBFVƗfW&VBFVƗG6W'f6RV7W&r6VW72WW&V6R( औDTĔtTD40