Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 76

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Mobile Technology – can ensure a seamless service experience for your customers without breaking the bank 3. Focus on security: A DDoS attack or any kind of breach can cause massive disruption. Ensure your network is protected from multi-vector DDoS attacks and other threats, such as malware that hides out in SSL encrypted traffic. Being proactive about security and mitigating threats as they arise will ensure your services are delivered consistently and unfettered 4. Converge services: Service providers can harness the power of services consolidation and automation to drive operational efficiency. Network architectures that build on optimisation and consolidation are key to achieving service continuity and a seamless user experience You want your applications to be delivered smoothly and uninterrupted. You want consistency. Following these steps will help you get there. Customer empowerment is another major component of modern service provider success. It’s a part of customer satisfaction that is rarely talked about. Why? Because there’s a desire to be PUTTING THAT CONTROL INTO THE CUSTOMERS’ HANDS HAS POWERFUL BENEFITS. needed by a customer; and when they’re empowered to do things themselves, there’s a perception that service providers are no longer indispensable. calls, fewer emails and fewer chats. That means fewer hours spent tuning customer services and more time spent on other imperative customer service activities. Save money Fewer support calls cut costs. Instead of paying techs and support staff to manually tune each customer’s specific service demands, you can put resources toward improving your offerings, speeding your time to market and beating your competition. You not only save money on support staff, but the money you do spend is no longer being dumped into a cost centre and instead is being put toward innovation and differentiation. Enable personalisation But it’s actually quite the opposite. ])ԁЁȁѡ͕͕٥)ѥ́ԁȰԁٔ)ѽ́ѡɕѼչ͕٥́Ѽ)Ёѡȁ̸)AѥѡЁɽѼѡѽϊd)́́ݕəհ̸)IՍЁٽյ)а٥ȁѽ́ѡѼ͔)͕٥́܁ѡ݅Ё́ԁe)ٔѼЁȁѡQЁՅ́ݕ)5ɸɍѕɕ́ͽ݅ɔ)ݽɭM8ݽɬչѥ)٥Յͅѥ9XݕȁԁѼ)ɔͽ͕͕٥́Ѽѽ̰)ݡ́ѼȁՉ͍ɥȁ)ѥ݅ɕ̸ѽѥ)ѡѼɕєѽ͕)ͽ͕͕٥́ȵՉ͍ɥ)ȵѥͥ́ɕ)ѽ́ٔͥѕЁɥ)ݡԁ͕ٔ٥ɥѡӊe)䁑ɕѥѽȸ)%ɕ͔ѽȁͅѥ͙ѥ)5)5ȰI)ɕѽȰ59)9ݽɭ)䁍ѽȁх́ѽȸ)9ٕ́ȁЁ͕٥ɽ٥)͔ѡeɔݥѠѡ͕٥)ѡ䁅ɔͅѥ͙ݕɥѡ)ѽȁѡɽ՝͕͕٥́ѡ)ѡɥٕˊé͕Ёٕ́ѡɽQа)́Ё٥Ѽ݅Ё́)́Ѽ͕ͥ͠хͬ)ݥȁѽ́䰁)䁅́ݕ)Q͔ɔЁͽѡ݅)ݕɥȁѽ́ɽٔ)ȁ͕ͥ́́٥ɽ٥ȸ)!AAd) UMQ=5HMQeL) UMQ=5H()%9Q11%9Q %<)ܹѕэ