Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 49

COUNTRY FOCUS: TUNISIA gain credibility. We started by partnering with different local and international organisations. After which, we integrated private schools by doing after school classes and we finally made it to being part of their core programmes. “Now, our goal is to sustain ourselves so that we can be able to create programmes for under privileged areas in Tunisia. “Our plan is to prove ourselves on the community level, so that we can lobby on the educational system to make the necessary changes.” Young Tunisian Coders Academy teaches children about coding and technology through interactive and engaging courses and training programmes. It aims to eliminate the fears and negative perceptions that many youngsters in Tunisia have about technology and coding, instead igniting their interest in a positive and engaging environment. “The Academy directly addresses this issue by providing coding camps for kids which we have taken across Tunisia,” explained Ghriss. “We use Scratch, an interactive tool created by MIT Lab that's easy to use for a child and that teaches the principles of progr amming in a gaming and interactive way. It has been used by our team in a very successful way to introduce the children to principles of programming, to work in teams and to soft skills. Once we realise that the child has mastered Scratch with the most important programming principles, we move towards HTML and basic Javascript so that they are able to build a simple website.” A National Strategic Plan, called Tunisia Digital 2020, has been set up to develop digital governance as well as a digital system for the North African country’s INTELLIGENTCIO 49