Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 44

CIO OPINION CIO opinion CIO OPINION “ HAS OUR LOVE FOR CONSUMER TECHNOLOGIES MADE THIS THE EASIEST TIME FOR CYBERCRIMINALS TO HACK BUSINESSES? ////////////////// Ashraf Sheet, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox Is it becoming easier for cybercriminals to access company data? Ashraf Sheet, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox, looks at how companies can balance giving employees the freedom to use their devices in the workplace while ensuring the network remains secure. 44 INTELLIGENTCIO W e are in the age of the ‘office of the future’ – every company now battles it out to attract staff and clients by having the most fun office, with the newest gadgets and apps. This has seen countless consumer toys become ‘business critical equipment.’ But has our love for consumer technologies made this the easiest time for cybercriminals to hack businesses? In a word, yes. At Infoblox, we recently conducted a Shadow IoT research report, entitled What is Lurking on Your Network, that found fitness trackers, s ЁQY̰)٥Յͥх́́ͽ́ɔ)ɕͥ䁉Ёѡ)ɹɔQ͔٥́ݡ)܁ɥ݅́剕ɍɥ́)́䁑ф%ѡͅɕа)Ё݅́չѡЁٕȁѡɐ)ѡULU,ɵ䀠Ԕ)ɕѕɔѡ԰ͥ)٥́ѥѼѡȁݽɭ́)丁Q͕́́ѥ԰ͥ)ɥѥ剕ɍɥɥ̸ͭ)]ӊéѡՔ)Q͔٥́յȁ)ѕѡȁ݅䁽Ѽe)ݽɭ́ݥѡЁݥѡ%P)ѵӊéե̸)9ɱ䁄Յѕȁ啕́ɽѡ)ULU,ѡЁݔٕ啐)܁ѡȁɝͅѥ͕ɥ)䁅Ёѡ͔ѡЁ)U,ɕ́ѕɅɕ䁽ȁٕ)ݥи)䁽Ѡɕ́ѡ)ULU,ͅѡ䁙ݕЁ)ѡ)ܹѕэ