Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 39

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// first era, paper-based processes are no longer viable, and as a forward-thinking organisation, we needed to digitally transform our information management strategies to improve operational efficiency and ensure profitable growth. “We had over 500 million documents, that had to be retained as per regulatory requirements. Not only was there a huge storage cost, but these documents were at risk of damage and loss. “There was a lot of sensitive and confidential information within those documents and the paper handling process itself was unsecure, which threw up cybersecurity challenges. FEATURE: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Finally, it was a very difficult and time- consuming process trying to retrieve a particular document. Digitising these documents and implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system was imperative. “Electronic storage is a lot faster, easier, cheaper and more reliable. If you have a warehouse fire, your documents are gone. But if you have files on a server that is backed-up, you can’t lose them.” Kassem and his team reached out to Microfilm Egypt Co, an Alaris partner and a leading IT solutions company specialising in document management, archival and INTELLIGENTCIO 39