Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 20 - Page 35

////////////////////////// V eeam Software, a leader in Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-Available Enterprise, has announced its top tips to help businesses stay ‘always on’ during the summer break. During the summer, the workforce will be reduced, but the same can’t be said for data usage. Banking, shopping and healthcare requirements won’t slow down, so businesses must be equipped to deliver digital services, ensure business continuity and reduce risk while managing customer expectations. Here are some top tips to help businesses in the Middle East maintain their availability during the summer: • Pack up traditional backup: Data is the engine of Digital Transformation, but it is no longer enough to simply collect, store and protect data. The growth in volume and sprawl means the cost of managing, securing and protecting data is becoming more significant. Legacy backup and recovery solutions are not only expensive, but only offer an inflexible infrastructure that doesn’t expand or scale well to ever- changing business needs. Businesses need to be more proactive in how they address the information that’s available to them, create a competitive advantage and ultimately drive revenue. To address this, businesses must achieve hyper-availability, where always-on data automatically anticipates the needs and meets demands across multiple infrastructures – virtual, physical, cloud – while remaining protected and ensuring compliance. • Factor in the right data protection: FFvVVBB&FV7Fগ2W76VFb'W6W76W2&RF@ǒ7W'ffR'WBFG&fRFRFvFG&6f&FBF&fRখ7&V6vǒ6WFFfRVf&VBfW"FR7BfWrV'2FW&RfR&VVFF6VG&RWFvW2B7&V6vǐ67F6FVB&6v&RGF62v66VBfRB'&W&&R66WVV6W0FBǒ'&B&WWFF'WB6FFBf6727F27F&P7&F6FVBFFv6bf7FЦbv&R6VB&W7VB66VƖpƖfR6frW&F2vR&2fP66W72F6V6FfRW'6FFv6`wwrFVƖvVF66Ф6VFR66V6&VvvW"f"֖FFPV7BB6VG&g&6BfVV6gGv&PB&&FVǒ&FV7FVB6VB&W7V@6W&W2f6FVgBFF'W6W76W2W7B&RWfVFRFV FFvVVB7G&FVwBFRƗ7F2B&R&7FfR&6FFFvVVBRFB2FP&vBg&7G'V7GW&Rv2&FV7FVB&VGFv&FR&vB6RBFP&vBFRvRVWFr&VwVF27V62tE"( W&RFW&FfR7Fffsv0'W6W76W2F( B7F6W2F&vWG27FW7BB7W7FW'2fR&WV&VVG0FBVVBF&RWBGW&rFR7VW W&B'W6W76W26VB66FW"&RЦ6Fr7FfbF6fW"6W'F&W2@&W76&ƗFW2bFW"VVRGW&pFV"ƖFFBǒG&fRV&r@FWfVVBFFfW2'WB6FG&W72FVF62vFR66֖&ǒ6W'FGW7G&W2V6W&vRB'F7V&ǒ&WFV7W&RB7FƗGvFR6V6B'BFPv&W'2FVVWBFRv2FVG2GW&rVW&G2vRF2FG&W76W2FRVFFP'W6W72VVG266FW&FVVG2F&RvfVFvBFFVVW2fP66W72FBvB&6W76W2&R6PF֗FvFRFR&66VB'F6RvFWF&6VBFF66W72vfR&@DTĔtTD43