Integrated Reports Senwesbel Consolidated Financial Statements 2018 - Page 30

5.1.4 Hinterland SA (Pty) Ltd (Group) (Continued) 2018 R’m 2017 R’m (45) (17) (17) (16) Group’s share of loss/(profit) for the year (22) 10 50% of loss for the year (22) (8) Loss attributable to: Owners of the parent Non-controlling interest Reconciliation of group's share of loss/(profit) for the year Deferred tax asset derecognised - 9 Adjustment on group level - (4) Reversal of group adjustment - 13 Summarised cash flows of Hinterland group are as follows: Generated from/(used in) operating activities 126 (35) (Used in)/generated from investing activities (46) 14 Generated from financing activities (98) 26 Net (decrease)/increase in cash flows (18) 5 5.1.5 Molemi Sele Management (Pty) Ltd The group has a 35,7% interest in Molemi Sele Management (Pty) Ltd. Molemi Sele Management (Pty) Ltd is the owner of a cell within Guardrisk Life. The arrangement enables Guardrisk, a registered licensed cell captive insurer, to provide long-term insurance and to offer third party insurance policies to customers of the shareholders. The financial year-end is the same as the Senwes group financial year-end. The registered office of the company is the same as Senwes’ registered office. The following is the summarised financial information of Molemi Sele: 2018 2017 R’m R’m Statement of financial position of Molemi Sele: Non­-current assets 21 17 2 - Non­-current liabilities (2) (3) Equity 21 14 7 5 Current assets 35,7% proportion of the group’s ownership: Total carrying amount of the investment The revenue and profit of Molemi Sele are as follows: Dividend income 10 - Operating expenses -* -* Finance costs -* -* Profit before taxation 10 - Taxation -* - Profit after taxation 10 - 3 -* Group’s share of profit for the year * Less than R0,5 million. Summarised cash flows of Molemi Sele are as follows: Generated from operating activities 10 - Used in inve [X]]Y\ H B\Y[[[[X]]Y\ H BH B][ݙ[Y[[\ŒBSTБSSPSSSPSUSQS NHB[\ؙ[[Z]YYΈ NNM M͌K