Integrated Reports Senwesbel Consolidated Financial Statements 2018 - Page 21

3.3 FINANCIAL INFORMATION OF SUBSIDIARIES Only subsidiaries with significant non-controlling interest will be disclosed. The following is the financial information of subsidiaries with signifi- cant non-controlling interest. A full list of subsidiaries is available for inspection at the registered office of the company. 3.3.1 JD Implemente (Pty) Ltd Senwes has a 50% interest in JD Implemente (Pty) Ltd (“JDI”). JDI is accounted for as a subsidiary due to the fact that Senwes appoints the chairman of the board and where the shareholders disagree, the chairman has the casting vote. JDI’s core business is the sale of mechanisation goods, spare parts and the rendering of workshop services in the Eastern and Western Cape. The financial year end is the same as Senwes’ financial year end. The registered office of the company is in Swellendam, South Africa. The following is the summarised financial information: 2018 R’m 2017 R’m 35 31 106 82 3 2 (74) (45) (4) (5) (27) (27) 39 38 Equity holders of the parent 19 19 Non-controlling interest 20 19 Financial position Non-current assets Current assets, excluding bank and cash Cash and cash equivalents Trade payables Current financial liabilities, excluding trade payables Non-current liabilities Equity Attributable to: Financial results Revenue Cost of sales 354 338 (311) (299) 1 1 (2) (2) (35) (35) (6) (2) Profit before tax 1 1 Taxation - - Profit after tax 1 1 Non-controlling interest‘s share in profit or loss 1 - Dividends paid to non-controlling shareholders - 1 Other income Depreciation and amortisation Expenses Finance costs Summarised cash flows are as follows: 7 (12) Used in investment activities (5) (12) (Used in)/generated from financing activities (1) 23 1 (1) Generated from/(used in) operating activities Net increase/(decrease) in cash flows Senwesbel Limited Reg no: 1996/017629/06 SENWESBEL ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2018 20