Integrated Reports Senwes Financial Review 2018 - Page 5

FINANCIAL REVIEW INTERNAL AUDIT The committee is responsible for overseeing Internal Audit, in particular in respect of: Satisfying itself of the competence of the internal auditors and adequacy of internal audit staffing; Approving the internal audit plan as well as the internal audit charter; Ensuring that the internal audit function is subject to a perio­ dic independent quality review; and Reviewing the functioning of the internal audit programme and department to ensure co-ordination between the inter- nal and external auditor. 5 RECOMMENDATION OF THE ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR APPROVAL BY THE BOARD The committee recommended the annual financial statements to the board of directors for approval on 26 June 2018. SF Booysen CHAIRMAN: AUDIT COMMITTEE Klerksdorp 21 June 2018 The head of Internal Audit has direct access to the Audit Com- mittee, primarily through its chairman. SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING The Audit Committee further discussed the sustainability infor- mation with management and is satisfied that the information is reliable and consistent with the financial results. FINANCIAL REVIEW The committee considered the company’s sustainability in- formation as disclosed on Senwes’ website and assessed its consistency with operational and other information known to committee members and for consistency with the annual finan- cial statements. A report from the Risk Committee regarding the top ten risks was presented to the Audit Committee for consideration.