Instant Cash Flow Todd Horwitz PDF Review 1

Meet Todd “Bubba” Horwitz The Man the Experts Call for Trading Advice Todd “Bubba” Horwitz is what you call “Street Smart”. When something screwy happens in any of the markets... stock, futures, options... Bubba is the first person media giants like Fox business News and CNBC call. And when nothing’s happening, they call him then too. Top fund managers with as much as $8-Billion under management go to Bubba for guidance in safeguarding their portfolios against downside risk. And thousands of men & women schooled by Bubba enjoy security and peace of mind knowing even a modest IRA can produce a generous monthly income while continuing to grow risk-free forever. Todd Horwitz grew up in Chicago listening to stories told by boastful floor traders. And he became intrigued. So, at the tender age of 21 he bought a CBOE membership and began his career trading in the Oil Pit... where the greatest action could be found back in the 1980s. The initials BUB appeared on Todd’s ID tag... and still do today. With his imposing stature, straight-talk and aggressive trading style, little wonder that BUB quickly evolved into Bubba. And the name stuck. In 1988 Bubba played a prominent role as one of the original market makers for the S&P index. And it was there that he truly mastered his B.A.D. to the Bone insider secrets to winning. Bubba had a great run as a floor trader... following trends from one exchange to another without a single losing year. But by 2004, with everything going electronic, business on the floor dried up. So he went home. Trading at home left Bubba with lots of free time... which he quickly filled with media appearances, book deals, seminars, mentoring, and his own radio program: The Bubba Show. But in recent years, Bubba has become increasingly fed-up over the way everyday Americans are being cheated out of a carefree retirement. So he decided to do something about it and launched an epic wealth-building program he calls Bubba’s Instant Cash Flow. Revealing a lifetime of insider secrets... And providing hands-on guidance along with word-for-word trade suggestions... Bubba is putting a truly ‘golden retirement’ within easy reach of men and women everywhere. How about you?