Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 81

Fabulous Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding and Event Concierge Planner By Tonya Edinger Tonya Edinger was featured as one of Pittsburgh’s best wed- ding planners by Expertise in 2016, so we asked her why brides should use a wedding planner. Here are her top five reasons: with a wedding planner. Certified wedding planners attend conferences and masterminds with experts to stay up-to-date, ensuring success! 2. Emotional and emergency circumstances are dealt with for you. You don’t need to worry about family opinions or issues that may arise. The right planner will negotiate and gently handle many circumstances. We are prepared with emergency backup plans that can be executed as needed. I always have an emer- gency kit with me, just in case. I WILL fix it. That’s my job. 5. You and your family should enjoy the day. Have you ever been at a wedding where the bride’s mother runs around frantically the whole night? The right wedding planner is organized and offers solutions so your mom can enjoy the day without distractions! I keep detailed notes about con- versations with vendors, pay close attention to details, and have contracts on hand to reassure everything will get done accord- ing to our plan so your whole family can have a great time and enjoy spending the day with you, the happy bride! 1. The right planner can get you a better deal to meet your budgetary needs. Wedding planners have connections with the vendors. Cer- tain vendors give clients special deals because they know that the wedding planer will keep bringing them business. Fre- quently, vendors will gift add-ons to you because of the rela- tionships the planner has forged. 3. Experience and education are vital. Event planners, like me, have orchestrated hundreds of weddings and mastered the art. We strive to be better at ev- ery event. No one wants the same wedding as someone else, so your creativity to design your dream wedding is unlimited 4. You are passionate about your fiancé. The planner should be passionate about creating YOUR dream wedding. One of my favorite quotes is “Communication is key.” I plan exactly what you want for your event. I create a masterpiece from your vision. I will provide you with as much advice, pic- tures, and creativity as I can, but you have the final say in ev- erything from flowers to cake and venue to dress. You deserve the perfect wedding day. For a stress-free engagement, call Tonya Edinger, wedding and event concierge planner, at 724- 968-7135.