Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 55

MUSIC REVIEW THE LIGHT OF LYDIA ELLE By Jess Branas I can’t say enough about Lydia. Although we have not had the honor of meeting yet, her presence is felt, through her song and her word. At first, it was a You- Tube link that introduced me to this songstress, but she is much more. As I watched her sing “Ain’t No Way” by the diva of all divas, Aretha Franklin, my heart felt strong. Wanting to cry and shout an astounding “Yes” as she showed her heart and soul, I had goosebumps on the outside to match. Her gospel sound mixed with nothing short of a voice and passion of all the greats, Lydia has an impec- cable gift that makes you addicted to love, power, and hope. And in this world, it’s a voice and word we all need to hear. Lydia, like many of us, has had obstacles. However, she uses these experiences to grow closer to herself and God to seek answers, and she wrote about it in her book And So I Prayed… . Through her journey, she helps others grow from unforeseen obstacles as well as consequences from their choices. This inspirational woman is as authentic as they come, and she exudes it in every moment. Whether it’s her honest words, spiritual sound, humble personality, or bright smile, Lydia is a force and a light that can be felt from miles away. n For more information: SPRING 2017 INSPIRING LIVES 55