Inspiring Lives Magazine Spring 2017: Issue 4 - Page 44

BUSINESS to achieve inner driven leadership? If not, think about doing so. The last of the personal competencies is authenticity. Leaders who are authentic are self-aware and align their core values and their personal mission. This alignment allows for a unified leadership style. For example, let us say one of your core values is honesty, a very common core value. While at work, your boss tells you to lie and change some of the numbers on an accounting report to show a loss less than reality. This situation would proba- bly distress you. Why? Because this goes against one of your fundamental core values, honesty. To achieve authenticity, your core values and personal mission must be in alignment. So, the question is—Are your core values, personal mission statement, and lead- ership style in alignment? If not, determine what is out of sync and try to realign them. Inner driven leadership is truly effective when in complete alignment with who you are and what you seek. Today we took the first steps toward becoming inner driven leaders. We did so by recognizing our top five core values, which gave us insight into understanding who we are. Next, we developed our personal mission statement, which guided us toward recognizing our purpose. And, last, we have hopefully achieved au- thenticity by aligning our core values with our personal mission. Take time now to reflect on what you have discovered and try to blend this insight with your cur- rent leadership style. As I mentioned earlier, this is the first of a three-part series about inner driven leadership. My next article will discuss the second competency of inner driven leadership: social competency. Here we will discuss communication and its impact on leadership. In ad- dition, we will talk about teamwork and mentorship. Many leaders I work with believe they are mentoring when they are actually not! Could you be one of those leaders? Find out in the second part of the series. You do not want to miss it! n FR&v726V6FBVFW'6WW'BvV2vVG'W7BFV"W"f6RF6WfRFV"v26R2fW"F'GffRV'2`&fW76'W6W72WW&V6RB27V7VVFRw&GVFRb&&W'@'&2VfW'6G2ƖfRV&W"6R26w&GVFR`FR&VfW'&7FGWFRW7FBFRFR6&VvR62f"7V66W70&w&Wr&咒FFF&v76W'fW2FR&&B`F&V7F'2f"FRGG6'W&v''B6&W"b6W&6RB266"`FRV&W'66֗GFVR6R26fVFVW"BGf6FRbFR66W0WF&w&wwrFW&f&6U&W7VG26